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For over 40 years I've held some kind of camera in my hands, Yeshica D2 Twin Reflex, Mamiya 645,5x7 & 8x10 view cameras and now that I'm digital I use a Nikon D810. Now I have this phone, that's always with me and it has a camera. At first, I used it to snap a random image and then I started using it to record the light falling on a subject at different times of the day (or night) that I was interested in photographing with what I call " The Big Camera", because of the time stamp, I could go back to the location at a specific time, stand in a specific spot and shoot. So now this phone camera has sometimes replaced "The Big Camera". I've printed a few of the phone images and I'm amazed at the quality. Believe me I hate to admit it in my old photographers brain it shouldn't be this easy to get a good image.
I do think it doesn't matter what you use to crate just as long as you keep looking and creating, but I do get a guilty feeling when I take my walks and leave "The Big Camera", behind.
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