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Having worked in the food industry for over 20 years, I began "The Back of The House" project in 2015. This project presented an interesting and diverse subject matter for me. From a chaotic bar and food service line on a packed Friday night, where bartenders, wait staff, cooks and dishwashers, could not seem to see an end to being buried "in the weeds", to the quiet beauty of a clean and empty kitchen. These nameless, faceless individuals, the heart and soul of each and every restaurant, my co-workers, my friends, yet to the patrons who flocked to consume their masterpieces, they remained just a means to a great meal. I wanted to allow them to remain in their relative anonymity in the stark minimalism of the industrial environment in which they thrived. These images gives a peek at the people at the back of the house as Covid-19 takes a devastating toll on their lives.

Back of The House